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A success story

2016. Mark Weinbrecht, tax consultant and long-standing colleague becomes a new partner in VHW. Following the incor­poration of the firm of Weinbrecht, a new branch is opened in Stein.

2015. VHW celebrates 70 years of EXCELLENCE AND EXPERTISE.

2014. Now with a staff of 40, the firm moves from Goethe­straße into larger premises in Habermehlstraße.

2011. Andreas Riethmaier, tax consultant, public auditor and long-standing colleague of VHW, becomes new partner in VHW and H+W.

2009. Together with the well-
established and reputable Richter firm of tax accountants, a new company, Vortisch Hartmann Walter & Richter Steuerbera-tungsgesellschaft mbH is founded in Karlsruhe.

2009. The tax consultancy and public auditor partnership, “Vortisch Hartmann Walter” is incorporated under the name VHW Vortisch Hartmann Walter Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.

2008. Otto Vortisch retires from the company.

2007. Thomas Bäzner, tax con-
sultant, public auditor and long-
standing colleague, becomes a new partner in VHW and H+W.

2001. The firm of H+W Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft is founded.

2000.A branch office is opened in Bretten to cater for local clients there.

1994. Dietmar Walter, tax con-
sultant and public auditor, be-
comes a partner in the firm, adding further capabilities to its portfolio.

1984. Following the death of Dr. Karl Lutwitzi, Otto Vortisch and Karl Hartmann combine forces to form a new partnership which continues to thrive.

1974. Karl Hartmann, tax con-
sultant and sworn auditor, joins the firm, enhancing and strengthening its range of services still further.

1962. The tax consultant Otto Vortisch joins the firm as a partner, contributing many years of experience in financial administration to the new partnership’s area of competence and ensuring its continuity.

1945. Dr. Karl Lutwitzi lays the foundations for today’s business. As a public auditor and tax con-
sultant, he quickly becomes a valued partner for major corpo-

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